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Author Topic: LEGO Castle Roleplay  (Read 1040 times)


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Re: LEGO Castle Roleplay
« Reply #30 on: October 20, 2014, 08:20:03 pm »
Is M-Project an RP-Mod? Because i don't think he can modify Factions without my permission if he isn't an RP mod. M-Project can modify factions and stories but he has to inform me first.

Just a helpful note M-Project: The Forestmen and Wolfpack are enemies, thats how it went in the old castle RP and we're in the same setting as the old one, so it makes sense. :P (You said they were allies in your post, IIRC)

Also, the wolfpack were bandits; not merchants, they stole from merchants and the forestmen were fighting against the wolfpack because of that. Forestmen merchants were constantly being attacked and robbed by the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack were-Okay this is deffinetely not a note because i'm going far and deep into the story of the old RP and this is a new one that happened tons of years after so i should just be quiet. :P

Still, wolfpack are evil, and the arch-nemesis of the Forestmen.

Plus, i'm changing my character to human.

* Name: Finrod the Bowmaster

* Weapons: Sword, Bow & Arrow

* Armor: N/A

* Appearance: Tall, Silver Armored, Brown hair

* Personality: Wise, Quick Minded, Kind Hearted, Bossy

* Faction: The Forestmen, got welcomed

* Race: Elf

;his parents were killed in a fire

Considering how far in time this is from the old Castle RP, he's probably very old. :P

Actually, this makes a lot of sense.  My bad.  I'll make the small change.   

He could be an elder master. I might change his character. Actually, Finrod disappeared for hundreds of years in the old RP. He became:

A human

I just found out why be a character that's so old? This is kind hard for me:
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